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Realistic simulations of the following disorders:

  • Localized tenderness over:

    • Appendix​

    • Descending colon

    • Gallbladder

    • Ovaries

    • Pancreas

    • Upper epigastric region

    • Urinary bladder

  • Localized tenderness and guarding over:​

    • Appendix​

    • Colon

    • Gallbladder

    • Ovaries

  • Organomegaly involving:​

    • Liver​

    • Spleen

    • Urinary bladder

Medicine's only fully automated, abdominal simulator!

Automatic electrical and mechanical setup-- No need to manually adjust the AbSim between cases!

Menu-driven (using the connected computer).

Works with Windows 10 OS.

Designed specifically to support self-directed learning.

Enables students to easily select specific competencies and the order in which they wish to develop them.


Change from one disorder to the next in 10 - 15 seconds.

Supports multiple practice opportunities while providing immediate corrective feedback as necessary.

Instructional Features:

A milestone-driven approach to developing abdominal examination competencies.

5 Milestones:

  1. Palpate the abdomen to an appropriate depth.

  2. Perform a thorough palpatory examination of the abdomen.

  3. Reliably detect palpatory findings associated with the above disorders.

  4. Reliably identify randomly selected abdominal disorders.

  5. Reliably diagnose historical and physical findings associated with a number of common and important abdominal presentations.

Assessment features:

Supports OSCE-based assessments of abdominal examination competencies.

  • Use AbSim to augment or replace standardized patient-based OSCE stations with fully-automated and consistently replicated high fidelity portrayals of a wide variety of abdominal disorders.

  • Ability to portray several disorders dramatically increases the reliability of abdominal OSCE station assessments.

  • Verify the depth and thoroughness of the abdominal examination.

  • Verify the learners' capacity to detect a wide variety of abdominal disorders.

  • Verify the learners' capacity to competently diagnose a number of important abdominal conditions.

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